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Impact of COVID-19 and Initial Unemployment Claims Through Week 18

This analysis evaluates relative job loss in Wisconsin, the data are the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. There are a couple of notes on the data. First, labor force estimates are 2019 annual averages by county. Second, among the 481,094 state-wide initial unemployment claims during the period, there were 57,035 with unknown county of origin.

Initial Unemployment Claims by County, Weeks 11 through 18, as a Share (%) of the County's Labor Force

The figure above plots the weekly initial unemployment claims as shares of labor force by county. State-wide data are also presented as 'STATE'. Last, weeks 11 through 18 are included with week 11 being the week prior to the Governor's Safer-at-Home order.

Cummulative Initial Unemployment Claims by County, Weeks 12 through 18, as a Share (%) of the County's Labor Force.

The figure above is a spatial mapping of the cummulative initial unemployment claims by county as a share of the labor force. The initial claims are accumulated after Week 11; i.e., following the Governor's Safer-at-Home order. The state-wide measure was 15.5%.

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